Why did Super Mario become so popular?

Super Mario

I’m sure: everyone knows Super Mario. Even thanks to the last chapter of the saga in collaboration with Apple, the title is the most known around the world. But which are the reasons of the success of Super Mario? I have to answer to that question: why did Super Mario become so popular?

The first thing to underline is that the game is timeless. Today as yesterday, people knows and loves this title. The second reason is that Super Mario was one of a kind at its time. You know that, when the game was first introduces, it was something new in the field of videogame. The difference was the great 2D graphic, the storyline and the interesting game play. We know that Super Mario games always had a real clear story line: he has to save the princess from the evil Bowser. It was and it is funny to play with Super Mario.

A big reason why Super Mario

Another big reason why Super Mario is so popular is that was the first game to introduce changing screens. This was a real revolution in a world that was used to Pacman and its fixed screen. But the real key of Super Mario’s success are the characters. Mario is like a human with a big nose, with a cool hat. He wants to save a very beautiful princess: this is a life metaphor. For that reason, Super Mario is so popular, even if the years pass and the generations change.

But it is not enough: the game has many elements that triggered people. For example, the hidden rewards, hidden areas and so on. This was, and still is, something new.

Another important thing is that Super Mario had many variations: this factor made it appeal to a wide range of players, both girls and boys.

The factor nostalgia plays an important role in this disquisition about the success of Super Mario. You have to remember that this was the first 2D arcade game to be played at home with a console.

If Super Mario is so popular is for these reasons: everyone has a memory linked to this game. Every version of Super Mario’s adventures is a great success for every generation: I think that this is the most iconic game around the world. Are you agree with it?