A new way to experience the old Sonic

Nintendo is giving you another reason to love them forever. They are bringing back the classic Sonic game featuring three characters in the new, Sonic Mania that has just came out.

That’s right, in the world where everyone seems to only want more detail and FPS, better graphics and more options, Nintendo is bringing Sonic back to its roots by re-releasing the game in 2D.

Bringing back the old

Oh, how many countless hours have we all spent with Sonic, Knuckles and the gang? How many millions of golden rings have we collected and bosses did we destroy? Long before we had jobs, were chugging beer at the pub and spinning slots at the casino. Long before we rushed home to wives and children. Almost 30 years ago we played consoles differently. And then, everything started to change.

After 2D version, came 3D Sonic world with vast areas to explore. And recently, after adapting the game to mobile platforms, Sonic the Hedgehog game was released for Nintendo’s handheld console, Switch. As with Legend of Zelda, you could expect the new version of the game come out with improved graphics.

In August 2017, Nintendo announced that three characters, Sonic, Tails or Knuckles will feature in the new 60 FPS, 2D, pixel-style game for Nintendo Switch. The game also supports 2-player mode. Sonic Mania is now on sale for $19,99 a copy.

Nintendo promised to bring back the memories with old paths you discovered in the 1990s playthroughs as well as many secrets, bosses and new levels.

However, there is little chance that Sonic Mania could also come to Nintendo 3DS platform.

Keep in mind that another Sonic game is already being prepared for the store shelves for these holidays. Sonic Forces will be one-player mode only but offers three modes of gameplay – classic, modern fast-paced as well as your own custom hero mode.

Can this be a flop?

Of course, we are not talking about the die-hard Nintendo fans. But, kids of today, will they be interested in 2D version of the game? Haven’t we moved too far from the old graphics? Haven’t we gotten used to human-like characters too much that coming back to edgy, low resolution games would be unbearable?

I really don’t know but it is something that I’m curious about. What do you think? Will Nintendo pull it off?


Nintendo has always been one of my favorite developers. Maybe because I grew up with a Game Boy in my hands, maybe because I loved Mario and all the other classics.

But today, it seems to me that Nintendo never has released a half-done product. Perhaps it’s connected with the Japanese culture, perhaps not. But you rarely see that with Western developers. Whereas Nintendo always does release a complete product. Just think about Wii, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Switch, etc.


Would you agree?