Should you get a Switch for the holidays

nintendo switch

If you are reading this, chances are you will want to have a Nintendo Switch for the holidays. Or you already have one.

Whether it is for you or for anybody else, the question still stands.

Should you be getting a Switch this Black Friday, for Christmas, should you wait or not get it at all?

Let’s try to compare it with its competition.

The bright side of Switch

Let’s start with the positives. Compared to its competitors, Switch is obviously much more movable than ‘real’ gaming consoles. No matter if you are planning a big trip or just want to take it to the other room, this is easily done with the Switch and its unique concept.

On the same note, it offers flexibility (at least the same as the competitors) that allow you to move from a small screen to a wide screen TV. That is a unique feature that no one in the market has implemented as well as the Switch.

switch games

And while we are on the subject of unique, you have to agree that Nintendo has the most unique library of games.

Not to mention, it’s just a great piece of technology – beautiful and incredibly fast.

Why NOT get a Switch

Also, the price. While it’s not worse, at $300 you can get a PS4, Xbox One as well as the Switch. If you argue that it is only a matter of preference, we can agree.

But there is something to be said as the price is the same while Switch is arguably worse in the graphics department as well as selection of games.

switch graphics

Although, as far as games go die-hard fans could be arguing forever. Even when you take only the recent titles (Sonic Chronicles, Zelda: Breath of the Wild) you may say that these Nintendo games have a larger fan base than any other exclusive Xbox One or PS 4 game.

And you may say that if a buzz for a game is as significant as a buzz of winning a jackpot, the games are second to none.

On the other hand, as far as non-excusive games go, Sony and Microsoft are able to offer hundreds of more games overall.


nintendo switch

Naturally, we love Sonic and Nintendo overall. We are inclined to stand with the Switch. But we have to agree – it is not for everyone. You can find some intense racing games and shooters but the selection of games does not compare to the titles available on more stationary consoles.

If you are not sort of a gamer who plays on his or her commute, $300, especially if you are more into high-detail shooters and adventure games.

Even hardcore fans will agree that the Switch does not have all the features that would make it the best console. They will support Nintendo, no doubt but the company will have to make the console better as the time goes.