5 Reasons why I love Nintendo so much


If you are a videogames lover and if you like vintage and nostalgic memories, Nintendo is the brand to love. Can I explain 5 reasons why I love Nintendo so much?

  1. First one: Nintendo is the brand of my youth. The first object I had, was the Super Nintendo. This was my first console. This year, the brand has launched a similar mini console on the market again: Nintendo NES, a real success. Thanks to this, many youngs had the possibility to understand how played our generation. We hadn’t PS4, 4K, Xbox etc.
  2. The second reason why is about the titles. Nintendo offers some masterpieces of the entire history of videogames. Some examples? Super Mario World, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Eternal Darkness, Luigi’s Mansion, Donkey Kong Country, Kirby’s Adventure. Some of these titles are now available with Nintendo Switch, the last generation’s portable console.
  3. The third reason that explains my love for the brand is that Nintendo joins families. We have, for sure, many memories linked with a Nintendo’s videogame. I used play with my brother and sister, for example, but my father loves the brand too. In this way, families can play together with Mario Kart or Mario Party, with Mario Sports or with Wii Sports and others. If we think to Nintendo Switch, the last Nintendo’s console, we can understand that is something to link people. There are two pads, is a portable console: you have to play with your friends and have fun, this seems to be the message.
  4. Everything in Nintendo is designed to entertain the gamers. The brand has a very careful eye on aesthetics, even before the console or games. This is very important and is one of the reasons why I love Nintendo. Nothing is casual, everything is made with care.
  5. The last reason I can suggest is that Nintendo has high standard of quality. Console, videogames, everything is made with care and with attention. We can notice the big effort to offer a great product. A quality game, funny and well done, is one of the best thing for a player that loves spend his free time with a game.

These are my personal opinions about the brand that made my gamer’s history. Which are yours? Let me know about it, I’m really curious to know about it and about your reasons why you love Nintendo so much as me.