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The popularity of Sonic the Hedgehog 

More than just a game  It seems that everyone knows who Sonic the Hedgehog is or at least has heard something about him. The whole history of this character has started so many years ago, and he is still very relevant until this day. The main thing that sparks my interest is that now we see Sonic […]

Should you get a Switch for the holidays

nintendo switch

If you are reading this, chances are you will want to have a Nintendo Switch for the holidays. Or you already have one. Whether it is for you or for anybody else, the question still stands. Should you be getting a Switch this Black Friday, for Christmas, should you wait or not get it at […]

A new way to experience the old Sonic

Nintendo is giving you another reason to love them forever. They are bringing back the classic Sonic game featuring three characters in the new, Sonic Mania that has just came out. That’s right, in the world where everyone seems to only want more detail and FPS, better graphics and more options, Nintendo is bringing Sonic […]

Sonic Part 2

Sonic Chronicles 2

Now you only have to read the sequel also! A series doesn’t acquire popular by itself. It is very popular with teenagers. Sonic Chronicles 2 Fundamentals Explained In addition to this, rather than being the very first amount of the game, it’s the fourth. The game was initially made for theDreamcast. You may also download […]

Sonic Chronicles Characters

sonic chronicles characters

During the fifth chapter, you’re visit Metropolis. Sonic Chronicles shouldn’t be there. They should not be there.” Sonic Chronicles is a somewhat good game. If Sonic Chronocles truly is a comprehensive spin-off game, then you’re right, it’s not related to the primary series as it’s only a byproduct. Knuckles can climb certain surfaces. Monsters and […]

Sonic Chronicles Tips and Guide

Sonic Chronicles

Type of Sonic Chronicles Whenever you’re in Tails’ Workshop and you speak to Big, he’ll be talking to Froggy. Absolutely free Step-by-Step Tutorial to assist you in getting started. The very first demo is nearly ready. Regarding the 500GB PS3, it is simply available as part of bundle in North America. Practically all the tech […]

Why did Super Mario become so popular?

Super Mario

I’m sure: everyone knows Super Mario. Even thanks to the last chapter of the saga in collaboration with Apple, the title is the most known around the world. But which are the reasons of the success of Super Mario? I have to answer to that question: why did Super Mario become so popular? The first […]

5 Reasons why I love Nintendo so much


If you are a videogames lover and if you like vintage and nostalgic memories, Nintendo is the brand to love. Can I explain 5 reasons why I love Nintendo so much? First one: Nintendo is the brand of my youth. The first object I had, was the Super Nintendo. This was my first console. This […]